Surely, you have sent a message by error to someone. Or you simply wrote him something that you later regretted. Recently WhatsApp introduced the option to delete the messages until a few minutes after writing them, in order to correct these small errors.

But you have to know that although these messages are deleted, there is a possibility that the person to whom we have sent them can read them. With this little tutorial, we will teach you how to recover those deleted WhatsApp messages, so that you can see their content.

Deleting a WhatsApp message

As we have said, there is now the possibility of deleting a message that you have sent in error. You have 7 minutes for it. You just have to position yourself on the message you want to delete and click on the trash can icon. Then you see 3 options:

  • Delete for Me
  • Delete for Everyone
  • Cancel

What everybody usually does is to delete the message for everyone, so that the other person cannot read that text that you have sent him by mistake. Although it is possible that you only want to delete it for yourself, because it is something that you are not interested in that any person sees without wanting to.

Once the message has been deleted, it disappears and WhatsApp replaces it with this “This message was deleted.” And let’s be honest, people are very curious and it is enough that this notice appears on their mobile, so that they go crazy wanting to see the content of the deleted message.

Read deleted WhatsApp messages

To read the deleted WhatsApp messages we will use the mobile notification history. Since the mobile notification system saves a copy of all the messages that arrive at the terminal.

You have to know that this method has a number of limitations, although they are easy to follow:

  • Our Android operating system has to be 6.0 or higher.
  • The message notification must have entered the mobile.
  • We must have read the notification or removed it from the screen.
  • If we are within the WhatsApp application the notification will not reach us.
  • We can only read the first 100 characters of the deleted message.
  • We can only see the deleted messages if they are texts, and icons in some cases too.

Access the Notifications History

To access the notification history we have to use some of the applications that exist for it.

It is best to download one from Google Play. Just look for Notification History and install one of the apps that come out. Some of the most used and easy to use are:

  • Notification History Log: when you install it, it asks you for permission to access notifications and shows you an Advanced History.
  • Notif Log Notification History: it is a very simple application to use and saves a copy of all the notifications that arrive on your mobile phone so you can check them later.

We read the deleted message

To read the deleted message, we open the application that we just installed and select the notification we want to see, in this case a WhatsApp message deleted. We will see a screen similar to the image below, in which we can see all the information: Time and Date of the notification, contact person, etc. The content of the message is in the “android.text” field. There we can read the first 100 characters removed.